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Shelter Services

Many services for pets and pet owners are available in the Shelter Office at the Santa Barbara Humane Society. The Shelter Office administers the adoption program for owner-relinquished pets, boarding of SBHS members' pets, and provides public reception/information. Euthanasia requests, cremations, and columbarium inurnment are all managed through the Shelter Office. See fee schedule for current fee information.

Shelter Office hours are Mon. - Sat., 10am-5pm.

Pet Adoptions

Each incoming adoption animal receives a health and temperament evaluation by our professional staff to determine if it will be eligible for adoption. Those animals approved for adoption will be kept as long as they remain healthy, temperamentally sound, and space is available. Occasionally, animals do have to be euthanized due to health, temperament, and available space issues. The owner has the option of readopting the animal before it is euthanized.

Pet Boarding

Dog and cat boarding is available at our shelter for members of the Santa Barbara Humane Society. Reservations must be made ahead of time and proof of current vaccines is required. See fee schedule for current fee information. To make a boarding reservation, please call (805) 964-4777.

 Shelter Services  Spay/Neuter Clinic  Humane Education  Humane Investigations
   Volunteer Program  Annual Events  

Humane Investigation Department

A staff Humane Officer investigates complaints of animal abuse/neglect and takes any warranted action. A large number of the situations investigated are resolved through working with the owner regarding proper care for the animal. When appropriate, charges are filed with the District Attorney.

Spay/Neuter Clinic

One of the Santa Barbara Humane Society's primary goals is the eradication of the pet overpopulation crisis in our community. An important weapon in this ongoing struggle is our on-site Spay/Neuter Clinic.

A very important aspect of our clinic is ensuring all adoption dogs and cats are spayed or neutered prior to going to their new homes. In 1993, we instituted early-age spay/neuter in our clinic. This veterinary practice has been extremely successful for our animals. Although previously we were able to ensure a rate of 95% + compliance with our follow-up program on adoption puppies and kittens, we can now say with complete assurance that none of the animals adopted from the Santa Barbara Humane Society are contributing to the overpopulation crisis.

In addition to surgical duties, our veterinarian is responsible for evaluating and maintaining the health of all our adoption animals. For these animals we are pleased to offer a 10-day, post- adoption medical plan. The purpose is to help cover the expense of treating medical problems which could be associated with having an animal in a kennel situation. Although we vaccinate all animals prior to placing them for adoption, it is possible that an animal was exposed before coming to us or before the vaccination enabled its immune system to fight off an illness. This service is available exclusively through the Humane Society Clinic.

Low-fee Spay/Neuter

Since 1974, the Santa Barbara Humane Society has been offering low-fee spay/neuter by appointment to the public. We offer the lowest surgery fees in the area without any compromise in quality of service. Check our fee schedule for current prices. We are able to offer such low prices on spay/neuter as well as our other services because of the incredibly generous financial support we receive through donations from members of the community. To make a spay/neuter appointment, please call (805) 964-4777 x20 between the hours of 10am & 12pm, or between the hours of 2pm & 4pm, Monday - Friday.

Low-fee Vaccinations

Another responsibility of the clinic is to administer vaccinations to SBHS members' pets; one of the tangible benefits we offer for membership. To make a vaccination appointment, please call (805) 964-4777 x20 between the hours of 10am & 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

 Shelter Services  Spay/Neuter Clinic  Humane Education  Humane Investigations
   Volunteer Program  Annual Events  

Humane Education Department

Humane Education became a Santa Barbara Humane Society priority in 1949 when classes were introduced into Santa Barbara County schools. Since those early years, our dedication to maintaining a quality humane education program has never wavered. It has, though, experienced many transformations.

Today, our Humane Education efforts encompass a wide variety of programs. Through our school and community outreach program, on-site educational opportunities, equine assistance education, publications, as well as media and publicity, tens of thousands of people (and their pets!) benefit from our education efforts each year.

Classroom Presentations & Shelter Tours

Our Humane Educator and Humane Education Specialist are available for classroom visits to preschools and elementary schools throughout the area. For preschool and kindergarten classes, we offer "Pet Animals and You" where students discover the basics of pet care and learn safe behavior around pets. For primary elementary students, the topic is "Pet Pals" during which students discuss various ways to help pets live happy, healthy, and safe lives in our community. In the upper elementary grades, the topic is "Problems and Solutions for Pets" with a focus on pet abandonment, abuse, neglect, and overpopulation. We also are happy to facilitate tours of our facility for any school or community group who is interested.

Our tours, lessons, and follow-up materials are fun, interactive, and developmentally appropriate. Additionally, the presentations are free of charge. To schedule a classroom visit or tour, call (805) 964-4777 x17.


On-Site Educational Opportunities

Members of the public are encouraged to visit our beautiful 5-acre facility on Overpass Road. You may stop in anytime during our operating hours (M-Sa, 10am-5pm) just to browse, visit the animals, enjoy a picnic, or to take advantage of our many excellent services. Flyers, publications, and displays throughout the shelter provide many educational opportunities for visitors to enjoy. You may also schedule a tour for your school or community group, by calling (805) 964-4777 ext. 17.

 Shelter Services  Spay/Neuter Clinic  Humane Education  Humane Investigations
   Volunteer Program  Annual Events  

Volunteer Programs

The Santa Barbara Humane Society is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people to join our volunteer team. With a small commitment of about one to two hours per week, volunteers can make a huge difference in the lives of the adoption animals.

Their are three basic positions currently available for interested volunteers. Canine Companions, our volunteer dog walking program, is intended to enhance the adoptability of the adoption dogs by providing then with socialization, exercise, and obedience reinforcement. Cat Companions provide much-needed love, socialization, and grooming, with the purposes of enhancing the adoptability of our adoption cats. Our Pet Assisted Therapy program consists of volunteers taking suitable adoption animals to convalescent hospitals and recovery centers for visits with the residents.

Qualifications: Physical ability to handle a variety of animals in sometimes stressful situations (experience with animal handling a plus). All volunteers attend an orientation and training before working independently.

If interested in attending a volunteer orientation to learn more about the program, please call (805) 964-4777 x17.

 Shelter Services  Spay/Neuter Clinic  Humane Education  Humane Investigations
   Volunteer Program  Annual Events  

Annual Events

Open House (first Sunday in May)

The Humane Society's Annual Open House is held the first Sunday in May as the kick-off to Be Kind to Animals Week. Open House is enjoyed by our Board of Directors and Staff as an excellent opportunity to invite our members and the public to visit our facility. It is always a day full of family fun, animal demonstrations and educational opportunities.

Spay/Neuter Month (February)

Each February, the Santa Barbara Humane Society sponsors Spay/Neuter Month as another effort to control pet overpopulation in our community. The program has two major components. First, veterinarians from throughout Santa Barbara County participate in the program by reducing their spay/neuter surgery fees (the program is supplemented by Santa Barbara Humane Society funds) througout the month of February. Traditionally, between 10 and 20 veterinary clinics participate in the program, with all available appointments filling up in the first couple of weeks of the month. The second aspect of Spay/Neuter Month is in promoting community awareness of the pet overpopulation crisis through extensive community education, advertisements in the local newspapers, and public service announcements on television and the radio.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

In April of each year, during national Volunteer Appreciation Month, we honor our wonderful group of dedicated volunteers by hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. It's the least we can do for all the help these people offer!!

Adopt-a-Cat Month (June)

June is national Adopt-a-Cat Month, a public awareness compaign to bring attention to the millions of homeless cats living at animal shelters throughout the country. The Santa Barbara Humane Society celebrates Adopt-a-Cat Month by stepping up our efforts to remind people of the importance of adopting a cat from an animal shelter. Also, we offer a reduced price spay/neuter special for cats during the month of June.

Adopt-a-Dog Month (October)

October is national Adopt-a-Dog Month, a public awareness compaign to bring attention to the millions of homeless dogs living at animal shelters throughout the country. The Santa Barbara Humane Society celebrates Adopt-a-Dog Month by stepping up our efforts to remind people fo the importance of adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Also, we offer a reduced price spay/neuter special for dogs during the month of October.

How to Reach Us...

 Shelter Services  Spay/Neuter Clinic  Humane Education  Humane Investigations
   Volunteer Program  Annual Events