Pet Loss Support and Education

Pet Loss Support Hotline Numbers
  • WA State College of Vet Medicine: (866) 266-8635; Mon-Thurs 6:30-9:00 PM & Sat 1-3 PM PT
  • ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline: (877) 474-3310; 24-hour consultation. Use keypad to enter pin number 140-7211. Your call will be returned immediately.
  • Tufts University: (508) 839-7966; Mon-Fri 6-9 PM EST
  • Michigan State University Hotline: (517) 432-2696; available T,W,TH 6:30-9:30pm EST
  • Cornell State University: (607) 253-3932; Tues-Thurs 6-9 pm EST

Helpful Websites on Pet Loss

Recommended Reading
  • Especially for Children:
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    • White, E. (1952). Charlotte's web. Harper Junior.
  • Reading for Adults:
    • Anderson, M. (1996). Coping with sorrow on the loss of your pet (2nd ed.). Loveland, CO: Alpine Publications, Inc.
    • Sife, W., Ph.D. (2005). The loss of a pet: A guide to coping with the grieving process when a pet dies (3rd ed.). New York: Howell Book House.

For a more extensive bibliography, please visit the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement website.