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The Santa Barbara Humane Society has changed greatly since it was established in 1887. We've grown as an organization, both in the expansion of our facilities and in the scope of our programs and community services. We take this opportunity to provide the communities we serve a greater awareness of who we are and what we do so that more of you will have access to our many programs and services.

The Santa Barbara Humane Society is a local, non-profit charitable organization. We have no affiliation with any national animal welfare organizations, nor do we receive any financial support from any national organization. We are not a governmental agency, and we receive no tax dollars or other support from government agencies. We exist solely to the extent of the support we receive from the communities we serve. Click here for more information on Memberships, Donations, & Bequests.

We are extremely proud of the fact that the Santa Barbara Humane Society has served the South Coast area of Santa Barbara County continuously since 1887!

In 1964, we obtained the property we now occupy at 5399 Overpass Road, off Patterson Avenue. With a modest start in 1964 we have slowly and carefully added to our facilities as the need occurred. Our five-acre plot has enabled our growth without overcrowding.

Obviously, with such a long history, we have experienced many ups and downs. We have held our bake sales, our rummage sales and dog washes. We have operated thrift stores and staged benefit events. Throughout all the trials and tribulations we have been fortunate to have many, many people support us with time, energy and finances. This combination has made us what we are today.

Our primary goal is the prevention of cruelty to animals. Taken in its broadest sense, each and every program and service we provide is in support of this goal. We are governed by a Board of Directors - members of the community who volunteer their time, energy and expertise - to provide direction in planning and oversight for daily operations. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and effective board. We are equally fortunate to have two other groups who have contributed greatly to our success: a highly trained professional staff to ensure the best possible care for the animals in our custody; plus a growing and supportive membership of 4,000 without whose help we would not exist.

We invite you to visit our facility and to get to know the Humane Society and its programs first-hand. You are also invited to join the Santa Barbara Humane Society. As a member, you are kept updated on current and future programs, and we can promise you a feeling of great pride at being part of our efforts on behalf of the animals!

How to Reach Us...